Workers Long Service Leave Records to be Cancelled

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The NSW Long Service Corporation are cancelling the registrations of construction workers who have not recorded service for at least 4 years and who have less than 5 years recorded service in the NSW building and construction industry. This means those workers will lose all their entitlements in the scheme.

If a worker has five or more years of recorded service, their registration may be suspended. This means that their recorded service will be retained and they will be able to claim a long service payment or continue to record service if they resume eligible work in the NSW building and construction industry.

It is advised by the MBA, to ensure that the NSW Long Service Corporation has the correct contact details of your business and your workers.

Should you have any further enquiries regarding this matter, you can contact the NSW Long Service Corporation on 13 14 41 or


Source: Master Builders Association e-circular 14.05.18