Weathertex update 12.19

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Weathertex is continually striving to provide our customers with the best timber cladding, weatherboard and panel solutions on the market.

As part of Weathertex’s recent developments they are making the following changes:

NEW Installation Manual is now available!

Weathertex have recently updated their installation manual to provide more detailed information in regards to fasteners and joining systems.

There’s a range of updates covering items like:

  • Page 15 – Physical properties page updated to include new standards, no Silicas, thermal values and combustibility to Type C only.
  • Page 16 – Code compliance page in place of the BCA compliance sheets for residential and commercial. This explains our PTS which is needed for the 2019 NCC.
  • Page 17 – Ground clearances to include the 50mm overhang for suspended floor systems
  • Page 18 – Wall sarking requirements updated to mention Class 4 vapour resistance & water barrier passing 4201.4
  • Page 21 – Fasteners table updated to include a table for natural and more notes to restrict anyone from using galvanised with natural
  • Page 34 – Ecowall & Rubix fixing pattern updated to 150mm perimeter spacings and 300mm down all intermediate studs

We highly recommend that if you’re an installer of Weathertex products that you have a read over it to make sure you’re up to date.

Weathergroove 75mm Woodsman – AVAILABLE NOW!!

Due to popular demand, Weathertex now has a primed Woodsman available in their Weathergroove 75mm range.

Weathertex Discontinuations

In order to make room for new and exciting ranges, Weathertex are discontinuing the following products:

  • CLASSIC Ruffsawn 300mm (# 132414) – Alternative profiles are Classic Ruffsawn 200mm or Primelok Ruffsawn 200mm.
  • CLASSIC Rusticated Ruffsawn 200mm (#123272) – Alternative profile is Primelok Federation Ruffsawn.
  • WEATHERGROOVE Ruffsawn 150mm 2745 panel (#107247) – Weathergroove Ruffsawn 150mm 3.6m sheet or Weathergroove Woodsman 2745.
  • WEATHERGROOVE 150 Ruffsawn 2440 sheet panel (#107248) – Weathergroove Ruffsawn 150mm 3.6m sheet or Weathergroove Woodsman 2440.

For any information on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to give the NHS team a call.