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Weathertex available from NHS
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2018 has continued to see the natural environment be a driving influence behind design and construction trends. Wicker baskets, rope and other fibres, soft textures, organic patterns like timber and marble have all continued to be popular choices in both residential and commercial spaces.

Weathergroove 150 Natural

People are choosing to bring the outdoors indoors, with natural elements adding warmth to crisp neutral colours. The look is one of modern comfort – clean without being cold, the natural aesthetic adds a relaxing resort feel.

Weathertex’s cladding and architectural panels are all made from 97% Australian hardwood timber with 3% wax added for water resistance. The pressing process of all Weathertex products also helps to remove knots and other imperfections commonly found in traditional timber planks and creates a uniform thickness, adding strength and flexibility. 

Weathertex products are available in both primed and natural. The Primed range is already pre-painted with a primer base coat, which speeds up painting as only the top coat is needed to finish the product, while the Natural range is raw timber that should be treated the same as any other hardwood timber or decking – and can be left raw or stained. The surface of the Natural Range is pressed with a beautiful timber grain pattern to create a sustainable lightweight product, that’s flexible and super easy to install.

The Natural Range is available in a range of different profiles – including both vertical and horizontally grooved – there’s a product to match any style or building requirement. Want a façade completed quickly? Weathergroove is a vertically grooved panel available up to 3.6m high, perfect for quick installation because it is installed in sheets instead of individual cladding pieces. It’s no wonder that Weathertex’s Weathergroove Natural is one of their most popular products.

Weathergroove 150 Natural

Benefits of Weathertex’s Natural Weathergroove

  • Weathergroove has deep vertical lines for a bolder expression
  • Renewable and safer alternative with Platinum Greentag credentials
  • Unlimited treatments – unsealed, stained or a combination of both to create unique designs
  • No maintenance required if unsealed
  • Cheaper alternative to solid timber cladding
  • 10 year warranty
  • Off stud, universal edging, less wastage

We have a range of samples available in-store of Weathertex products, and also on display at all stores.

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