Weathertex Natural Range Now With a 10 Year Warranty!

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The Weathertex Natural Range is a series of unprimed weatherboards, cladding and architectural panels. The unprimed boards provide a unique appearance, with the characteristics of raw undressed timber. The Natural surface is pressed to create a woodgrain effect with the knots and organic patterns of natural timber.

There are 3 techniques that can be used to style the Weathertex Natural range – unsealed, colour & stain sealed. Every project is different, so these instructions can be used as a guide. For further technical information on Weathertex we recommend reading the installation guide and warranty. Please make sure to follow all product instructions when staining as they may vary.

Natural Range Warranty increases from 7 to 10 years!

Last month, the Weathertex Board decided to extend their Natural Range warranty from 7 years to 10 years! This is the only timber product to give any type of warranty and is testimant to their confidence in the product.

The 10 year warranty on their unprimed products will start for purchases made from 1 November 2016.

Weathertex is available from NHS!