Weathertex leads the way in ethical timber cladding

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Weathertex leads the way in ethical timber cladding, panels and weatherboards. Part of the Australian manufacturing and building landscape for over 50 years, the unique processes and the specialised mix of Australian timbers creates an end product that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. This makes Weathertex cladding, panels and weatherboards a strong Australian export, while keeping jobs in the Hunter Region.

Weathertex products are made from 97% hardwood timber and 3% wax, added for water resistance. There are no glues or resins added in Weathertex products, because a steam and pressure method is used to break down the chipped timber, and then reconnect the timber ligaments in the shape of flat boards. The end result is timber cladding that is dense and strong, more flexible than traditional timber and termite resistant since the starches and sugars are removed. This process also removes any of the knots or imperfections that cause problems in traditional timber planks.

Weathertex’s Natural range is an unprimed board which provides a unique appearance, with the characteristics and looks of raw, undressed timber. The surface is pressed to create an organic woodgrain effect, and like other timber cladding it can be stained or left to weather naturally. The option to either leave the timber to lighten by the sun or stain, or a combination of both these techniques, creates a wide spectrum of available looks that can be achieved.

Design a sleek, modern building with Weathertex Natural stained black, a light and airy beach house with blonde timber, or anything in between. The Natural Range has the ability to do it all.
The Natural Range is third party Platinum Global GreenTag rated, making it a world leading sustainable product. Weathertex is also part of the PEFC, Declare, and Product Health Declaration labelling systems.

Weathertex is so confident in their Natural Range that they have extended the warranty from 7 years to 10. Guaranteed not to rot, split or crack, Weathertex is the only timber product of this kind to offer a warranty.

Whether you’re looking for a product that is sustainably sound, home-grown, or high quality and built to last, Weathertex ticks all the boxes. The Natural range is the perfect choice for your next build or renovation.

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Weathertex, the right choice… naturally.

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