Weathertex BCA Compliance Ticks All The Boxes

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When it comes to deciding on materials for residential and commercial projects, it is little wonder we think long and hard about which materials make a style statement but are also hard-wearing, safe and versatile. Weathertex timber cladding and panels is a product that ticks all the boxes and complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance requirements. To explain more about this subject, Weathertex has developed a Fact Sheet outlining most frequently asked questions. Here are some examples:

How does Weathertex rate in a house or office fire?

Weathertex complies with the most up to date building codes and standards. While there is a degree of confusion in the industry about some reconstituted timber products, Weathertex cladding has been comprehensively tested to meet the strict fire requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Weathertex is classified as a Group 3 material and tests results for smoke and flame indices as well as specific extinction area are available online in the Weathertex Physical Properties Certificate.

How does Weathertex rate in bushfire areas?

Weathertex has similar properties to most fire resistant timber species; our products have been assessed by a third party for verification to the bushfire standard. The Australia Standard AS3959: Construction of Buldings in Bushfire Prone areas provides the framework for what is now acceptable in building throughout most of Australia. Weathertex is suitable for use in BAL-LOW, BAL – 12.5 and BAL-19 construction levels. The BAL rating determines the product’s resistance to the direct radiant heat in the event of bushfire. Check with local authorities to establish what is acceptable in your location.

How high can you build using Weathertex products?

The 9.5mm thick Weathertex hardboard cladding is designed for residential and commercial type buildings and can be build up as high as four storeys. Deemed to satisfy provisions in the BCA allow Weathertex to be used in Type A fire construction up to 4 storeys however, applications above 4 stories may require an engineering assessment to support the design as an “alternate solution”. Refer to the BCA Commercial Compliance (Class 2-9) document for more information available online or via the QR code provided.

To find out more download the Fact Sheet or go to for more.

Source: Weathertex