Wakaflex Lead Free Flashing

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Lead Alternative products like Evo Build’s Wakaflex have been around for over 20 years and offer an economical, easy to install and (most importantly) safe roof flashing solution for today’s home owners and flashing installers. So if you have concerns about lead compliance and want to move to a more modern solution try lead free – its lighter, safer and easier to use.  

Wakaflex is available in Lead Grey, Brown, Grey and Terracotta

Here’s why…

Speed of installation – up to 50% quicker than lead

Estimates are that it’s possible to install Wakaflex in half the time as its lead based alternative because it’s lightweight and can be installed in full 5m lengths. 

Safety of installation 

No protective equipment is required and because it’s self adhesive, the only tool needed is a Stanley knife or scissors. 

Complies with rainwater collection standards 

Wakaflex is compliant with the requirements of AS/NZS 4020:2005 for rainwater harvesting. In the days when many local councils require a rain tank as part of compliance for any new build and many renovations, the purity of rainwater collection is a big deal. 

Bush fire rated 

Wakaflex is the only lead free solution which complies with Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL29) 

10 Year Guarantee

Wakaflex comes with a 10 year nationwide guarantee.