Wakaflex Lead Flashing available from NHS

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Lead flashing and bitumen repair products are engrained into the construction industry as materials used to flash and repair roofs. Lead is a heavy, toxic material that can be very hard to work with, and bitumen is a material that typically dries and cracks within a short period of time.

Evo Building Products is an innovative solutions company that brings the latest and highest quality products and services to the market to make your day at work easier.

Lead Flashing

Lead is a traditional flashing material used on tiled roofs across Australia. Over the past decade Evo Build has witnessed a consistent transition towards lead free flashings such as WAKAFLEX, which are quicker, easier, lighter, and safer to work with than lead.

The Complete Solution – Lead Free

Lead free flashing has the benefits of being much quicker to install, and much nicer to work with than lead.

Evo Build provides a variety of lead free flashings to cater for all types of preferences; ranging from an affordable fully butyl backed repair flashing, to a premium high performance flashing used on new build and renovation projects – all made in Germany.


Wakaflex is available to purchase from any NHS store or online now – click here to shop for Wakaflex