USG Boral SHEETROCK Dust Control

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New and unique formula that reduces respirable airborne dust when sanded

USG Boral Sheetrock Dust Control Finishing Joint Compound Dust Control reduces respirable airborne dust, creates less mess by forming clumps and falling to the ground during sanding. Jobs can be completed more quickly; less preparation time is needed to screen off areas and less time is needed for clean-up afterwards, perfect for the renovation jobs to reduce the impact to the client.

As tested to NIOSH Method 0600, SHEETROCK® Dust Control produced respirable airborne dust at levels lower than current OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits, which are in turn lower than the PELs set by Safe Work Australia.

  • Cleaner work site
  • Less time on the job
  • Weighs up to 25% less than our conventional joint compounds
  • Less shrinkage

“I recently had the opportunity to use the USG Boral
Dust Control compound … the dust clumps together when sanded, forming clusters which fall to the ground instead of remaining airborne and potentially being inhaled. Through remaining open and receptive to new products like this, we can all help create a safer worksite.”

Steve Hinton, Director, Hinton Linings

“There are a large number of trades on our site at any one time – so anything that can help mitigate dust is great.”

Tim Dixon, Business Development Manager, SHAPE Australia

“SHEETROCK® Dust Control is perfect… of all the products we use, it’s probably the best finishing plaster.”

Matthew Bailey, Director, Ceiling Resurfacing Australia

“The regular product has very fine dust that blows away
in the air, gets in your ears and your eyes, up your nose. Whereas Dust Control just clumps together and drops straight to the ground.”

Mark Paramonov, Operations Manager, Torquay Interior Linings

Try it out for yourself!

USG Boral SHEETROCK Dust Control is available at NHS Lambton or online