Trim-Tex Magic Corner

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Where there is any chance of structural movement, use a Trim-Tex Expansion Bead or Magic Corner

Beads like the popular Trim-Tex Adjustable Inside Corner Bead can easily be mistaken for a solution to “any” off angle which is incorrect. An Adjustable Inside Comer Bead is not recommended in an area that could be prone to structural movement such as a raked or cathedral ceiling or wall to raked ceiling joint

The Trim-Tex solution is the Magic Corner that combines rigid PVC on the mud legs with a soft centre allowing it to act as an expansion bead at any angle. It’s designed to finish any inside plasterboard corner while reducing the incidence of edge cracking when movement is a concern.

Magic Comer is supplied on a 60m roll so you can finish long seamless runs with the trim while allowing for up to 4.5mm movement each side of the centre.

Always remember to check. installation guidelines when installing any Trim-Tex Products to ensure you are using the correct bead and installation method for the job and not voiding any product warranty.

Download the Trim-Tex Magic Corner Bead Installation Instructions here