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Tox Fasteners was founded in Germany in 1947 to design & manufacture fasteners for the global building industry. Tox focuses on unique & innovative fastening solutions for all substrates like brick, block, concrete & plasterboard, helping tradesmen & DIYers save time & money.

Multi-Purpose Anchors – Deco & Tri

  • Use in almost any substrate
  • Low-medium load ratings for all substrates
  • UV stable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Metric diameter for easy pre-drilling
  • M5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 diameters available

Utility Anchors

  • Used for water, gas, electricity lines in commercial buildings for fire rated anchors
  • Ideal for all masonry substrates
  • Pre-drill hole, hammer in anchor
  • Use any coarse thread screw to anchor brackets to anchor
  • M6, M8 & M10 diameters available

Hebel Anchors – Y-Tox

  • Specialty anchor for Hebel (AAC)
  • Medium duty load ratings 25-40kg per anchor
  • Unique triangular shape to evenly disperse load in aerated concrete
  • M10, M12, M14 diameters available
  • Use any coarse thread screw to fasten brackets or battens

MSL Masonry Anchors

  • Specialty anchor for high load capacity in concrete, brick, besser block & hebel
  • Easy to install, complete in less than 2 minutes:
    – pre-drill 12mm hole
    – hammer in anchor (up to washer)
    – tighten with spanner, wrench
  • 60, 80, 100, 120mm lengths available
  • High load capacity without the need to wait for chemical to set

Polystyrene Anchors – Thermo ISOL

  • Specialty anchor for fixing small brackets, downpipes or light fittings to rendered polystyrene (green board) insulation panels
  • Use 10g (M5) screw for fixings
  • Installation instructions:
    – remove small layer of render with 19mm spade bit for flush finish
    – insert anchor with Torx40 driver bit
    – attach bracket with 10g (M5 screw)


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