Tilling’s Smart Rewards for SmartJoist Floor Systems

Approx read time: 1 minute

Earn SmartRewards points and redeem for merchandise when you purchase a SmartFrame SmartJoist floor system between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020 from NHS and the floor system has been designed by Tilling’s SmartFrame Design Centre.

These points can be accumulated over the promo period and and redeemed for a large range of merchandise from fishing packs, cameras, and laptops through to Drones, Coffee Machines and Smart TVs.

How the SmartRewards program works

  1. From any time from 1 July – 31 December 2020, request a SmartJoist floor system quote from NHS and we will organise your design from Tilling’s SmartFrame Design Centre.
  2. Tilling will advise of the SmartRewards potential points value that your SmartJoist floor system design could get, along with a link to the SmartRewards site where your ‘Potential Points’ will appear.
  3. NHS will provide you with a quote with your design, where you can then review your design to make any adjustments before proceeding with your order.
  4. Place your order of your SmartJoist system with NHS. You’ll then start generating your redeemable SmartRewards points, after the SmartJoist system is supplied.
  5. To claim your points, on the link Tilling provides you, you must submit a few details (incl. the address to send the reward to), a photo of your floor system installed onsite and explain in 25 word or less why you love SmartJoist.
  6. Tilling Timber will then send you the item you’ve claimed!

This promotion is run by Tilling Timber. All T&Cs and details can be found at https://www.tilling.com.au/rewards/