The Strongest Sealant Adhesive on Earth

Approx read time: 1 minute


The most versatile adhesive sealant on the market with 1 second immediate grab. It has outstanding bonding strength. Once cured it forms a strong and flexible waterproof seal. Due to its Fast Grab, it can be used for applications where immediate grab and no slump are required.

  • High green strength / quick build up of end strength
  • Combines high stiffness with very high bond strength
  • Bonds to wet surfaces
  • Remains flexible / elastic
  • Does not contain isocyanates, solvents


  • High green strength / quick build up of end strength.
  • Sealing and bonding applications for heavy materials
  • Sealing of floor and wall joints
  • Sealing of joints around bathrooms and kitchen
  • Installation of mirrors & signs onto vertical surfaces without slipping