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TECBEAM ‘I’ Beam/Joist is a unique, patent protected, innovative light weight steel and timber composite structural beam.

The composite TECBEAM ‘I’ Beam/Joist comprises a continuous light gauge galvanized steel web, with press formed stiffening ribs and uniformly spaced service holes, and structural timber flanges of LVL, fixed by nails and/or spikes to each side of the continuous steel web.

A TECBEAM designed floor can often replace structural steel beams, this can amount to significant savings in time & cost. Ceiling plasterboard and flooring materials can be fixed directly to the joist flanges, and most services can be installed through the web holes, including air conditioning ducts and large waste pipes, eliminating the need for tradesmen to cut holes in the beam web.

TECBEAM produces the strongest floor joist in the Australian market. Affording longer spans and a faster build process, you can achieve exceptional quality floors with TECBEAM,and save with lower construction costs.

Available by special order from NHS – approx 3 week lead time.