NHS team

Our team is here to help Newcastle’s builders and tradies

Our NHS team is focused on delivering the best customer service and product knowledge to help make your job easier.  Our team has a huge amount of experience with many of them ex-tradies themselves, so we know exactly what it takes to get the job done.

For customers that prefer more personalised attention, we have the largest trade sales representative team in our region.  Our sales reps have over 200 years combined experience in the local building industry.  They know their stuff!

Our customer service team handles in-store sales, telephone enquiries and deliveries and they are the best in the business.  They are all about fast in-store pickups and delivering what you want, when you want it.

For our trade and owner builder customers, our estimating team can help you spend more time on site and less time at your desk.

Get in touch with our team today, we would love to assist.

General Manager

Matt Crockett General Manager
NHS Jason Crockett
Jason Crockett General Manager

Store Managers

Adam Griffith NHS Cardiff
Ev Thomas NHS Beresfield
Greg McLaren NHS Lambton

Warehouse Managers

Chris ‘Skip’ Davis NHS Cardiff
Mick Shephard NHS Beresfield
Matt Graham NHS Lambton Timber


Kris Powell Delivery, Beresfield
Peter Clarence Asset Manager
Nick Bookless Delivery, Cardiff
Gary Hudson Delivery, Lambton

Account Managers

Mick Andrews Account Manager
John Fisher Plasterboard Specialist
Tony Caban Account Manager
Taylor Gilson Account Manager
Mick Wind Plasterboard Specialist
Mark Sheedy Account Manager
John Ball Account Manager
Jim McMurtrie Account Manager
Dallas Vincer Account Manager
Craig Fenwick Account Manager
Chris Kavanagh Account Manager

Hardware Coordinators

Tan Hopwood NHS Beresfield
Josh Palmer NHS Lambton
Hayden Kirkman NHS Cardiff

Trade Sales - Lambton

Greg Digby
Ollie Lees
Pauly van Schyndel
Luke Hodges
Alex Latham
Steph Thorley
Mat Symons
Amanda Beresford

Trade Sales - Cardiff

Matt Tuxford
Darren Clarke
Craig Brown
Adam Kaminski Customer Contact Centre
Shirl Burdekin Customer Contact Centre
Nesha Oliver
Damo Behrendt Customer Contact Centre

Trade Sales - Beresfield

Nathan Penman
Ben McLennan


Toby Parker

Equipment Hire Team

Gavin Edenborough Hire Service
Brenden Powell Hire Manager - Lambton
Graeme Sergas Hire Manager