Tapepro Shorty Flat Box Handle

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Tapepro’s new Shorty Flat Box Handle, is going to change the way you use your Flat Box.

The Shorty is unlike any other Tapepro Flat Box Handle. It’s compact, light and makes for fast flat finishing particularly in confined spaces.

Fabricated with a push plate and control grip, the Shorty Handle puts the perfect mix of power and precision in your hands. It’s compact size makes it much more convenient in tight spaces like cupboards, toilets and hallways – it also changes your body position when operating the Flat Box.  This change in body position makes working on scaffolding and stilts easier and safer.

The comfortable and ergonomically designed grip allows for complete control over the path of your Flat Box. It’s also adjustable both horizontally and vertically so you can set it at the perfect position. Shorty sports a simplified design – so its easy to just pick up and use – even if you’re relatively new to automatic tools. It’s simple design also means less maintenance and downtime.

The position of the push plate allows you to loop your fingers over the front of the box – when you squeeze your hand together the motion helps to force compound out  resulting in an “Auto Box” like action. A great feature when working on out of position or difficult to reach flat joints.

The Shorty fits to most Flat Boxes, has a total overall length of 250mm.

This product also comes with a 3 year warranty.

Available now from NHS Lambton or the NHS online store www.mynhs.com.au