Storage of Composite Products on your site

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Composites are a prefinished product. So it’s important to know that once it is damaged, it will need to be replaced. Unlike traditional timber products, composites cannot be sanded and repaired.

Composite products sent from NHS to site are all marked FRAGILE. We do our best to look after our products before it comes on site.

So we’ve put together some tips to ensure you get the most out of the composite product for storage on site before construction, as well as during construction and into the future.


  • Ensure the Installation Guidelines and the Care and Maintenance Guidelines are followed by the builder and the home owner
  • Composite decking, screening and cladding products always need to be stored on a clean flat area undercover and off the ground. Products stored on an uneven surface will make the products prone to warping and distortion. Surfaces such as dirt and grass are not sufficient as the ground can be uneven.
  • Protect from any building site debris or harmful objects that may scratch or chip the product
  • When transporting, ensure the face that will be showing on the finished deck isn’t face down during transport
  • Store in a location away from equipment being used during construction process to avoid any accidental damage
  • Always leave any protective wraps from the manufacturer / distributor in place during storage and until it’s being installed
  • When moving product around on site, please carry the product with care to reduce any board on board friction
  • Cover the deck to avoid any airborne construction dust, like concrete, fibre cement or plasterboard dust getting on the deck, and damaging the deck. We recommend, wherever possible, it is best to leave the installation of a composite deck until after all other works have been completed on site.
  • Follow the care and maintenance guidelines for your product regarding spills or marks
  • Follow the manufacturers guidelines and only use their recommending product of choice when cleaning


  • Do not cut any product on the deck surface! Work away from the composite deck, and always remove job site dust, clay, dirt, mud, and other construction products from the surface should it get on the composite product.
  • If your composite products once installed are exposed to the sun (i.e. not enclosed or shaded), as with all products in the harsh sun, it will fade over time. Avoid long term placement of items on the deck, e.g. mats, plants etc, where it wont receive the same effects and will result in uneven discolouration of your deck
  • Sit pot plants directly on the surface of the deck as this may also cause discolouration and mildew. Maintaining a clean dry surface is the best method for combating mildew.