Starmix Vacuum Cleaning & Maintenance

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Correct filter cleaning maintenance is essential to the performance and operation of your Starmix Vacuum Appliance.

Please take careful note of the following points:

  1. Starmix vac MUST be operated with a filter bag. If vacuum is operated with out a filter bag dust and particles may enter the motor causing damage. Any damage caused by use without a filter bag is not covered by warranty.
  2. Place green filter sack in unit for bagless operation. Disposable paper bags are available if required.
  3. In case of overheating, turn off machine immediately. This is usually due to clogged filters.
  4. The main pleated filter requires regular cleaning. Clean with a soft brush along the pleats.
  5. Filters may be cleaned with water. Soak well and brush along pleats with a soft brush. Allow filter to dry thoroughly before using. Filter damage may result if used when filter is not totally dry.
  6. Check for any tears or splits. Replace filter if any holes or wear is evident. Do not use any filter that has been damaged.
  7. Never use force to clean filters, care must be taken not to damage pleats when fitting filter to head or head to canister. Do not hit filter down hard on any surface.
  8. Using damaged or worn filters or running motor while overheating will void all warranty claims and will likely incur expensive repair costs. Please instruct operators on these points.
  9. Important! Do not at any time, (during or shortly after operation) invert the motor assembly or turn on its side when hot. As this dust extractor unit is fitted with a plastic fluid over flow valve, it may stick to the base of the motor when hot, causing a meltdown in the housings. Inverting unit when hot will therefore void warranty.