Soudal Soudabond Subfloor

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When installing a subfloor, how would you love not to bend down all the time when laying adhesive, plus a way that’s cleaner, easier, quicker and even cheaper?! 

Check out Soudal Soudabond Subfloor now available at NHS

Apply the glue on your subfloor up to 75% faster than traditional cartridges. 

1 can of Soudal Soudabond Subfloor replaces approximately 7.5kg of traditional glue. And its over 50% cheaper of the equivalent product. That’s more money in your pocket. 

Check out the team at Soudal comparing this in action! 

With the 1m long extension on the gun, Soudal Soudabond Subfloor allows you to apply glue without having to bend on the ground. 

The gun is super easy to use! Simply squeeze the trigger to start applying the gel and it stops as soon as you release the trigger. This gives you much greater control when applying and allows you to stop without the glue pooling, not to mention a much cleaner application. 

The gel initially comes out of the gun as a foam and then collapses into a gel, to fill any voids between the subfloor and joists, and then once you lay your boards it will foam back up. This eliminates any potential future floor squeaks which can happen with traditional glues when it pools and the floor is installed. 

The bond strength is also stronger than traditional adhesives, including the initial bond. Water resistant, you can also use Soudal Soudabond Subfloor at lower temperatures or wherever some timbers may still be wet or even frozen. 

The metal gun also creates a sealed system to eliminate any wastage of product. Unlike some other adhesives, you can leave a can of Subfloor on the gun when you go to smoko, lunch, or even over the weekend and it won’t dry up. 

Replacing the metal can in the gun is also super easy. You can either screw it straight out and replace it with a fresh can or simply screw the gun and foam cleaner on, squeeze the trigger and flush the gun out so it is ready for the next job. 

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from another builder…

Soudal Soudabond Subfloor is now available at NHS either in store or online

Want to speed up your time installing a subfloor even more?

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