Soudal Genius Gun Foam

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Say hello to the only reusable can of expanding foam on the market!

Yes, you read that right! No more buying multiple cans when one dries out.

The guys at Soudal recognised that there was a gap in the market (pun intended) for a fast, cost effective, more comfortable and easy to use gun foam that can also be used for both internal and external applications. It’s so easy you can use one hand to apply the foam in the smallest of spaces.

“No question, just a sincere thank you for your excellent expandafoam product. Compared to all the brands I have used over the years, yours was the best designed, easiest to use and above all trustworthy to be fit for purpose.  I am very grateful. Kind regards Michael :)”

– Soudal Customer Testimonial

With the ability to reseal the can and use the rest of the foam later, there is less waste and more money saved across multiple jobs, where you would’ve needed to buy a new can each time.

By resealing the gun each time, it is reusable for up to 6 weeks.

1 can of Soudal Genius Gun Foam can fill approximately 25 litres of space.

You also don’t need to worry about the foam shrinking or changing in size a few days later and then having to go back in and fixing it up. The Soudal Genius Gun Foam, once cured, is set in size and it wont shrink or expand any further. From there the foam can be cut, sanded or painted to finish the job.

Sound easy as and want to give it a go? Buy online now at NHS or in store.