Benefits of SMX Polymer Flooring Adhesives

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Benefits of SMX Polymer Flooring Adhesives

Designed and patented by SOUDAL, SMX® Polymer adhesives are free of solvents and isocyanates. These make the product safer for the users and the environment. The new standard in wood flooring adhesives.

SMX®-20 Plus

SMX®-20 Plus has been developed for full surface adhesive bonding of subfloors, multilayer engineered timber flooring as well as smaller dimensions of massive timber flooring.  It is ready to use and does not require mixing. It is suitable for use on porous and non-porous substrates such as mosaic, anhydrite, concrete, screed, wood, chipboard including floors with underfloor heating.

SMX®-20 Plus cures by means of a chemical reaction within the adhesive. Once fully cured (within 24hrs at 21°C and 5% RH) an elastic and non-shrinkable adhesive layer is formed, which is resistant to moisture and heat.

It can be used in conjunction with Moisture Barrier 1 Coat, SMX®-20 Plus is a flexible adhesive with a very high shear strength of more than 4 times than other adhesives. Can be walked upon in 3 hours and sanded after 24 hours.

SMX®-20 Plus has been classified under EC-1R Plus as very low VOC emission making this product safe for the users and the environment. The product does not contain water and solvents and this minimises the risks of timber floor deformation to a minimum.

Available in 600mL (sausage), 16kg (bulk fill) and in 18kg (6kg foil bag in 3 separate packaging for flexibility in use) packaging.

A Plus in performance, environment & ease of use

  • Faster strength builds higher end strength
  • Can be walked upon & sanded quicker
  • Forms stable peak
  • Easy cleanup