SmartLVL 13 Transition

Approx read time: 1 minute

Over the next few months TILLING NSW will be moving its LVL stock across from SmartLVL15 to SmartLVL13 as its standard LVL offer. As stock is exhausted, you will see this change.

This means that the 42mm becomes 45mm, and the 58mm becomes 63mm, in line with other brands in the market.

New literature is already complete and available on the Tilling SmartFrame website here and the SmartFrame Design software and Smartphone apps also already support design in LVL13 grade and sizes.

Tilling Design Centre can assist with any redesign of existing designs where necessary, and are also able to assist with conversion of previously specified SmartLVL15 across to the new SmartLVL13.

As always if you require further support please feel free to call SmartFrame Technical support on 1300 668 690, or give us a call to discuss your job.