Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive System

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Whether you’re installing decking (yes, including hardwoods), CFC sheets, or sub-floors, you will no longer need to bend over to fasten your boards. Simply attach the Quik Drive system onto your drill using the appropriate attachment, and start drilling! 

Check out the Quik Drive® Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems from Simpson Strong-Tie now available from NHS

  • No more pre-drilling or counter sinking before putting screws in 
  • No more bending over to drill in every screw into your flooring 
  • No more working on your hands and knees 
  • No more crawling around on your hands and knees to place individual screws down to fasten 
  • No more jamming of any collated screw system with the unique curved collated strips to hold the screws away from the surface 
  • No more corded power required (if you choose the cordless system) 

A Decking Attachment is also available that helps position the screws in a line down the middle of your joist and give a uniform offset from the edge of the board. It also acts as a wedge to space gaps between boards as you place them.

  • Precise self-locking depth adjustments allow for consistent fastener drive depth based on the material and application 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Compatible with most major manufacturers’ screwdriver motors (see if your model is here) 
  • You can use it with or without the extension pole to suit your application 

What’s included in the Quik Drive system:

  • Screw gun; 
  • Extension; 
  • Attachment to suit a range of drills from Makita & Hitachi (others available on request); OR 
  • A Dewalt 18V XR cordless kit is available by special order; and a 
  • Decking attachment guide (available separately) 

Collated screw systems are available to suit a range of different applications ranging from 8 to 12 gauge and 32 to 65mm in length to suit. 

Simpson Strong-Tie put this method to the test of course and compared it to traditional fastening methods:

  • Screwing down a 5.4m decking board = 24 screws 
  • When bending over on your hands and knees, pre-drilling and then placing the screws in using an impact driver = Approx. 10 mins 
  • When using the Quik Drive system, standing on your feet to operate the collated screw gun with the self-drilling screws = Approx. 3mins. 
  • Saving you about 7mins per 5.4m decking board. 

When installing sub-floors, you can also use this in conjunction with the Soudal Soudabond Subfloor to save you even more time and money! 

It’s a WIN WIN! 

Check out the post here about Soudal Soudabond Subfloor and the short video below.