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The future is strong, secure and convenient. This electronic deadbolt from Lane Security™ comes with a host of modern conveniences, without compromising on security.

The electronic touch pad provides keyless convenience for up to 30 users, each with their own key code. The auto-lock delay can be custom set, and you can even configure a single-entry code to permit tradesman access while you’re out.

Despite an abundance of easy-access features, this electronic deadbolt delivers uncompromising security. An anti-saw deadbolt insert, anti code-probing mechanism and a touch screen that is temporarily disabled after 5 consecutive failed attempts means this lock will keep you and your family safe, without risk.

To unlock the door from the inside or exit in an emergency, there’s no need to fumble for a key, simply turn the inside snib and the deadbolt will unlock.

Make your home the home of the future with an electronic deadbolt from Lane Security™.

  • Keyless convenience – touch to open, touch to lock
  • Your choice of user code, for up to 30 users
  • Single-entry access for tradesmen
  • Auto-lock with adjustable delay from 10-99 seconds
  • Internal snib for easy exit and emergency evacuation
  • Anti-saw deadbolt insert
  • Random guiding code to prevent code-probing
  • Touch screen is temporarily disabled after 5 consecutive incorrect entries
  • Key override via backup mechanical keyway
  • Easy installation or replacement of existing deadbolts
  • Fits 54mm hole, 35mm-51mm door thickness
  • 60mm-70mm adjustable backset
  • Satin nickel finish
  • Includes 4 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • 7 year mechanical warranty, 1 year electrical warranty

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