Security Alert: Always verbally confirm bank account changes

Approx read time: 1 minute

It is critical when changing a BSB and Account Number at the request of an email from any supplier, employee or contractor that you always verbally validate this request.

Avoid financial loss to your business by ensuring your users who update/modify payee information in your business banking profiles, or accounting software, always verbally verify first.

It is recommended to use a trusted phone number, such as one located on a company website. Confirmation via email is not a secure way to validate changes.  Don’t confirm using the phone number in the email because sometimes the scammers will include a phone number for someone that’s part of the scam.

Scammers pose as senior staff members, suppliers, employees or other regular payees to lure you into making these changes without validation.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reported in April 2019 that over $60 million was paid to accounts during 2018 from scammers requesting account changes, with reports increasing in 2019.

Source: Westpac and others

Please note: NHS’s bank account details have not changed. If they ever were to change we would notify you by letter, phone and in-store signs. We would not notify you by email.