Sarking for Weathertex Products

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As part of the Weathertex installation system, sarking is an important element for weather protection while building and adding energy efficiency and comfort to the home.

When installing Weathertex products, vapour permeable membrane must be used in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2 “Pliable building membranes and underlays – installation” and the manufacturer’s specifications.

For Weathertex products, it’s important to use a vapour permeable membrane as it allows for the controlled escape of vapour from within the building whilst restricting the ingress of liquid moisture. The vapour permeable sarking must be in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.1 and:

  • Have a LOW vapour resistance
  • Provide a HIGH water barrier*

*sarking products are unsuitable if “unclassified” as a water barrier

A suitable sarking product on the market is the Bradford’s Enviroseal ProctorWrap – refer to Bradford’s website –

For further technical advice on Weathertex products and installation systems refer to Weathertex Installation Manual – or alternatively call 1800 040 080.

Enviroseal Proctorwrap is available through NHS – check it out online.