Reinforcing Fabric vs Elastoproof Joint Band – What’s the difference?

Approx read time: 2 minutes

We’re sometimes asked why we don’t recommend the RF Fabric at wall/floor junctions with a sealant bond breaker.

Gripset RF Fabric has been in the Gripset range now for 20 years,  and many years ago before the development of the Elastoproof range, we would embed products like the Gripset 38FC into the RF Fabric, to give you high strength at junctions.

But as Gripset’s technology developed, their team came to the realisation that it makes no sense to wet a reinforcing fabric into an elastomeric membrane, as once it dries the elastic properties have gone where you need it most e.g. at a movement junction.  Instead we use Gripset RF where you are requiring high strength and reinforcement e.g. at non-movement joints.

Thankfully evolution brought in the Gripset Elastoproof range which has been the defining piece in the Gripset systems for more than 15 years now.

The elastic rubber properties of the Elastoproof Joint Band accommodates expected movement at junctions, which keeps this critical area waterproof. Besides the elastic waterproof properties, the Elastoproof Band has excellent resistance to chemicals and provides a great  surface finish for  tile adhesives and liquid membranes.

The Elastoproof Joint Band is designed for use with any Gripset membrane and for all applications, including those under water, under tiles, externally or buried underground.  

Although there are still lovers of sealant bond breakers out in the marketplace, it is worth noting that although these sealants may seem cheap, they end up extending the application time to almost double, and time is your ultimate cost. While waiting for sealants to tack off and dry before overcoating with a liquid membrane, this is time wasted. The Elastoproof Joint Band allows the waterproof application to be completed as its applied, no waiting for any drying and avoiding any concerns of compatibility for membrane adhesion.

So if you want to increase the strength of a liquid membrane with additional strength then you can consider the Gripset RF Fabric. When it comes to a movement joint or junction, play it smart and get Elastoproof Joint Band into your game.

You can view a video for more information from the team at Gripset below.