Quik Stik Rafter and Truss Fastening System by Simpson Strong-Tie

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Are you a chippie that ties down timber rafters and trusses by climbing up and down ladders for hours on end either manually nailing or gun nailing metal brackets?

How would you like an easier and quicker way to do all of that, that will save you time and money?

Well the team at Simpson Strong-Tie have developed a system that you are going to love!

The Quik Stik Rafter and Truss Fastening System is now available at NHS!

The system involves the Quik Stik tool, plus the Strong-Drive SDWC Truss screws combined.

As tradies, climbing up and down ladders all day is something we’d love to avoid if we can, right? Less stress on the body, and if you can find a way to do a job that’s safer, meaning you can keep your feet safely on the ground, it’s a no brainer, right?

No longer will you have to use a ladder to reach your rafters and trusses, use metal brackets or nail your frame triple grips. The 1.1m long Quik Stik tool simply connects onto the end of your cordless drill or impact driver, which means no more climbing up and down ladders for standard ceiling heights.

When testing the product, the Simpson Strong-Tie team found that on average a house with 25 trusses, when using the Quik Stik system, could save about 3-4 hours of labour depending on your previous nailing method.

It can typically provide twice the tie-down capacity of standard truss connectors.

The Quik Stik tool has:

  • a nylon over-moulded head with positioning prongs that provide a secure grip on top plate;
  • comfortable rubber grip on the 1.1m long extension;
  • angle and centreline guide lines to correctly position the screws; and an
  • adjustable bubble level to ensure the screws are fixed at the correct angle if installing the screws through the face of the frame/ window header etc.

Never used the SDWC screws before?

  • They’re all BCA compliant to AS1649-2001.
  • Made of Carbon Steel with an E-Coat finish (designed to be used with treated timber)
  • Colour coded orange or black depending on which of the two lengths of SDWC screw.
  • Fully threaded shank to engage the entire length of both timber members being joined.

Want to give the Quik Stik Rafter and Truss Fastening System a go? EASY AS!