QLD Spotted Gum v NSW Spotted Gum

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Why choose QLD Spotted Gum over NSW Spotted Gum?

The Parkside Timber production of Queensland Spotted Gum, currently stocked by NHS, is produced to the highest standards of processing, leading to a superior product.

Queensland Spotted Gum has a Class 1 above-ground durability rating which should mean a lifespan of around 40 years (subject to good installation, site conditions and maintenance).  Due to it being very dense, Queensland Spotted Gum is a strong and sturdy timber with a quality feel.

The Queensland Spotted Gum product has a natural colour variation which means that no Spotted Gum deck will look the same!  When most people think of the appearance of Spotted Gum, they’re picturing the Queensland product.

Key Features of Parkside’s Queensland Spotted Gum

  • Includes a patented knife/cutting technology producing a superior finish on the boards.
  • Denser than the NSW Spotted Gum product (& Blackbutt) meaning it is a sturdier option.
  • Has a H3 ACQ treatment which helps protect the boards in above ground applications.
  • Has deeper and richer shades of colour with more natural variations than the NSW Spotted Gum which tends to be much lighter and more uniform in colour.
  • Has a bushfire rating of BAL29.

Another benefit of using Parkside Queensland Spotted Gum is that it is the only Australian species decking which is mini-bundled into lots of 4 or 5 boards. This has a two-fold effect: keeping the product well-presented in-store and easier to handle on site.

Queensland Spotted Gum has a small tannin bleed compared to some darker species, saving time in cleaning after installation, making it a great choice for all your decking jobs.

Like with any deck installation, you must follow the guidelines for good building practices.

Available from NHS – Contact us for more info or check out QLD Spotted Gum from NHS online here.