Priming Secura & Villaboard & Waterproofing In Wet Areas – Bathrooms

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Best practice bathroom waterproofing using Gripset

When it comes to waterproofing and preparing a bathroom, typically we tend to focus, for good reason, on bathrooms and wet areas that are elevated so something that’s on a second story, on the first level, or any sort of house that’s built above ground, like your typical Queenslander and that sort of thing.

The best construction methods at the moment, or a very popular way of doing this, is by using something like the Scyon Secura by James Hardie as the flooring, in conjunction with Villaboard or fibre cement sheet for the walls.

The reason that this is a popular choice is because these products themselves are water resistant, and they tend to take well to waterproofing membranes, as long as the priming selections are done accordingly. So Villaboard is a fairly straightforward substrate. It’s porous, and we would normally recommend the Gripset GP primer, a general purpose primer, to be able to penetrate that surface and then promote adhesion that way.

For the Scyon Secura product, it’s a little different.

This product has a level of waterproofing coating and properties already built in, and these can be troublesome or difficult to bond to. So for that sort of substrate, we’d recommend the Gripset Xpress SP primer which has a smooth finish. The benefit of the SP primer is that you can also use it on the Villaboard for your vertical priming needs.

In general, once you’ve primed those areas and made sure that you’ve selected the right primer for the substrate, then it’s about selecting a membrane that’s going to perform, for the life of that job, as a homeowner would expect. The best Gripset system for lightweight construction would be either the Gripset 38FC, a fast cure liquid membrane ideal choice for a bathroom /wet area application.

Each of these membranes have unique characteristics, but all of them are most suitable to performing long term for wet area applications, where you do have a bathroom upstairs. The upstairs bathroom applications are more critical to make sure the areas is isolated to the water and that your going to have the best performance available.

Here’s an easy selector chart we created for you based on your substrate.

NHS Complete Waterproofing Bathroom System Selector

The Gripset Waterproofing range is now available at all NHS stores, or you can shop online here, too.

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Gripset Industries leads and innovates the construction industry with quality, sustainable systems that prevent dampness in existing and new buildings. Gripset Industries manufactures non-hazardous products built to last and provides the construction industry with effective solutions that improve building quality.

Gripset Industries is an Australian owned company that has been developing and manufacturing waterproofing products for over 30 years. In the early 1980’s the company commenced developing alternatives to solvent based bitumen and resin coatings, using water based and solvent free technology. The evolution from this unique technology has led to the development of high quality waterproofing systems for wet areas, weather-exposed surfaces, subterranean structures, and continuously immersed areas, including potable water systems.

By simplifying many of the challenges in volatile areas Gripset can provide a complete system to ensure your next waterproofing project is Sealed For Good.