Parkside Spotted Gum

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Did you know NHS can supply Kiln dried F27 QLD spotted gum to match your QLD spotted gum decking?*

Queensland Spotted Gum is an Australian icon and has been used in many different applications Australia wide.

Don’t know the difference between NSW and QLD Spotted Gum? Check it out here where we explain the differences

Botanically named Corymbia Citriodora, Spotted Gum has a natural durability of 1 above ground, is ACQ treated to H3 and is a unique blend of brown and grey colours.

Whilst the heartwood is naturally insect and decay resistant, every piece being treated with an ACQ H3 treatment ensures any sapwood is also durable.

You’ll have peace of mind that your product will hold its integrity for around 40 years.(subject to good installation, site conditions and maintenance)

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*By special order