Organ & Tissue Donation Saves Lives

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If you’d say yes to a life-saving transplant…have you said yes to becoming an organ and tissue donor?

Recently the partner of a NHS staff member has been placed on the Australian organ transplant waiting list. So we thought we’d shed some light on this grim but life saving issue.

Around 1,500 people are on the Australian organ transplant waiting lists at any time.

In 2015, 435 organ donors gave 1,241 Australians a new chance in life.

Who can be a donor?

Almost everyone can help others through organ and tissue donation. The governing factors are where and how a donor dies and the condition of their organs and tissues.
While your age and medical history will be considered, you shouldn’t assume you’re too young, too old or not healthy enough to become a donor. All major religions support organ and tissue donation for transplantation. Older Australians with chronic health conditions can be donors. Only a few medical conditions, such as transmissible diseases like HIV, may prevent someone being a donor.

Less than 1% of all people who die in hospital can be considered for organ donation because they must die in specific circumstances. Because the opportunity to become an organ donor is rare, it is important that we all make a decision about what we want and that we discuss it with our family.

How can you register to donate?

People 16 years of age or older can register their donation decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register.

The Donor Register ensures a person’s donation decision can be verified 24 hours a day, seven days a week by authorised personnel anywhere in Australia. In the event of a person’s death, information about their donation decision, accessed from the Donor Register by authorised personnel, can be provided to the family of the deceased.

Recording your decision on the Donor Register is voluntary and you have complete choice over which organs and tissues you wish to donate. If you don’t want to become an organ and tissue donor, you can register your decision not to donate on the Donor Register.

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