NRG Greenboard Points of Difference

NHS NRG Greenboard
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Due to recent speculation regarding the withdrawal of CodeMark Certificates and fire properties of certain EPS products, the NRG Building Systems (which is still CodeMark certified) identifies the advantages and points of the NRG Greenboard™ below:

  • NRG Greenboard™ was the first company to achieve CodeMark Accreditation and complies with NCCC. Building certifiers are now insistent on CodeMark Accreditated Cladding.
  • Each job is supplied with a CodeMark certificate
  • NRG Greenboard™ is BAL29 Compliant and can be used in all bush fire areas up to and including BAL29, using 75mm or 100mm NRG Greenboard™


  • Insurance companies are also insisting on CodeMark Accreditation and BAL 29 rating on EPS Cladding Systems.NRG Greenboard™ has achieved both given the builder peace of mind that the cladding won’t be rejected.

Group Number Fire Test

  • The results of the ISO 9705 Full scale room test provide the Group Number of a material.The group number is an indication of the materials fire hazard properties with Group 1 being the highest classification and Group 4 being the poorest performing classification.    

NRG Greenboard has achieved Group Number 1 

  • For a limited number of applications, the NCC 2015 requires a Group 1 classification to be achieved. For most applications, materials classified as Group 2 and Group 3 are permitted for use as a finish, surface or lining or attachment to a wall or ceiling.

Fire Hazard Properties

  •  Ignitability Index: 6
  •  Spread of Flame Index: 0
  •  Heat Evolved Index: 1
  •  Smoke Developed Index: 4
  • Covered by 10 year warranty
  • Contains Bifenthrin with repels black ants, termites, white ants which are attracted to polystyrene which is untreated. The black ants lay nests in the EPS and the acid off them dissolves the polystyrene. It is critical to use a board that is treated!
  • Gives the homeowner 7-8m² extra of living area compared to brickwork.
  • Is recyclable and saves 50% carbon emissions on heating and cooling.

Cost Savings

The use of the NRG Greenboard System also has cost saving factors which positions NRG Greenboard competitive when compared to other external cladding systems. These contributing factors are as listed below:

  • Installation of the system is very quick and non labour intensive due to its lightweight properties.
  • The finished rendered system is 30% cheaper then rendered brickwork.
  • High thermal ratings of the system greatly reduces energy costs.
  • In some cases there is no need for internal insulation or sound batts due to the system having sufficient ratings on its own.
  • Cheaper footing costs due to reduction in weight. 
  • Up too an extra 7-8m² of living area is achieved when compared to Brick Veneer.

NRG Greenboard is available from NHS at all stores and online