NOTICE! Severe Nationwide Framing Pine Shortage!

Approx read time: 2 minutes

As you may be aware there is currently a severe nationwide framing pine shortage. The shortage appears to be a combination of high demand and reduced domestic supply caused by mill closures, bushfires and Australia’s shrinking pine plantations. In addition the improving USA housing market is putting pressure on global supply channels.

The shortage is expected to last many months and may get worse before it gets better.

Longer lengths of framing pine in particular are in very short supply. Our suppliers have for some time been charging NHS and other resellers a higher linear metre rate for longer lengths relative to short lengths in some section sizes due to their scarcity. To date NHS has smoothed out those variances for its customers so that we have offered a flat linear metre sell rate across all length sizes.

From 1 March 2018 we plan to change the linear metre rate for different lengths for some section sizes of framing pine. This will mean we will reduce the price of shorter lengths and increase the price of longer lengths. This will provide a financial incentive to our customers to, where possible, take the more readily available shorter lengths rather than the scarcer longer lengths. It is our intention for the overall price changes across the full range of lengths of a section size to be neutral (that is price increases will be offset by price decreases).

Another option for our customers to consider is purchasing a pack of framing pine that is docked to your particular length requirement (for example 2625mm), leading to time savings on-site. Talk to us about your requirements with this and we can check availability with our suppliers.

During this severe framing pine shortage NHS might at times be unable to source our preferred Radiata Pine framing from our suppliers and have to accept alternatives such as Baltic Pine. These alternatives will meet or exceed the relevant structural rating and treatment standards. Radiata Pine is always our first preference and alternatives will only be sourced as a last resort.