NHS Deliveries are EASY AS!

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Got a tricky site or special delivery requirements? EASY AS! We’ve got a number of different options to get your building materials to site.

[ Approx. reading time: 2 minutes ]

Plasterboard Deliveries

Our plasterboard deliveries usually come from our Lambton store. Standard deliveries are a 2-man hand unload with a clear walk of up to 25 metres. We also offer a pass up service when plasterboard is required to be lifted to an upper storey. It is important to communicate this to the NHS team member taking the order as it does involve extra persons and we need to know in advance. Extra charges apply for pass-ups, longer walks and if waiting time occurs due to an inaccessible site.

Non-plasterboard deliveries

Deliveries for other products (e.g. timber, fibre cement etc.) usually come from our Cardiff and Beresfield stores. Standard deliveries are unloaded with a truck-mounted crane on to the ground. If you require special arrangements for your delivery, such as hand unload, please communicate this to the NHS team member taking your order. Extra charges may apply for non-standard deliveries.

Express Ute

Another delivery option is on our Express Utes. This service is in most cases a ‘same day’ service. There are a few restrictions in using this service.

  1. There must be someone able to help unload on site as we only send one person in the ute.
  2. The maximum weight per delivery is 500kg and the maximum length of any item is 6.0m.
  3. Items must be able to be legally and safely carried in a ute.


Safety is the most important aspect of any delivery. When our delivery team arrives to site, the first thing they will do is a site risk assessment. After they have identified the site’s hazards, they will then proceed to unload your materials in a manner that is safe for everyone, including themselves. They won’t be able to accommodate any requests which they consider to be unsafe or are outside of our safe delivery procedures.

Delivery Times

As you can understand with so many variables in traffic, site conditions and weather, it is not possible to give precise delivery times.

First up deliveries generally leave our stores before 7am (7:30am at Lambton).

If you have a preferred delivery period, for example, AM or PM, please communicate this to the NHS team member taking your order and we will do our best to accommodate that.

If you have special delivery time requirements, let us know and we will see what we can do!

Truck deliveries run Mondays to Fridays whilst Express ute deliveries also do a limited number of deliveries on Saturday mornings too.

What you can do to assist

At the time of order make sure you provide us with all the details of your site, including any site conditions that will make the delivery more tricky.

Make sure your site is ready for our delivery, with clear and safe access and a safe place to leave the materials.

As always, we are happy to work with you to accommodate your delivery needs and help make your job EASY AS!