NHS Charity Donations ready to hit $100,000!

Approx read time: 1 minute

NHS has a voluntary workplace giving program whereby staff can make a small donation of a few dollars from their pay each week to their preferred charity(s) from our shortlist. NHS will then match the staff member’s donation dollar for dollar for that charity. With workplace giving your donation is tax deductible. We should all be very proud of our workplace giving program.

Since our Workplace Program started in June 2006, our staff and NHS have donated the following:

  • Camp Quality $19,879.00
  • Guide Dogs NSW $9,768.40
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research $10,679.60
  • National Breast Cancer $22,471.20
  • RSPCA $17,587.20
  • Starlight Foundation $6,567.85
  • Learning For Life $3,595.20
  • Dog Rescue Newcastle $3,318.00
  • Try For Kids $3,236.00
  • TOTAL $97,152.45

We should break the $100,000 total within the next quarter!