NEW and Improved SmartFrame app by Tilling Timber

Approx read time: 2 minutes

The SmartFrame App enables you to design the right SmartFrame beam for your project.

The SmartFrame App enables you to design and certify the right SmartFrame beam for your project.  Simply enter your project’s measurements and conditions, and beam application (e.g. lintel, bearer, joist etc.).   

Pictorial models are included so you can visualise and compare against your project.  The models also explain some of the more technical terms, such as FLW (Floor Load Width).  Once you have entered your inputs, the Calculator will present a range of SmartFrame members to choose from.  Simply select a size, and the calculator will confirm its suitability. You can even email a design certificate to confirm and certify your product selection! 

There’s also tonnes of product information downloads, giving you access to all technical information literature for the SmartFrame range

SmartFrame by Tilling Timber is the perfect on-site design companion.  Search for SmartFrame in your app store and start designing now on iPhone and Android.

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