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42-RDLT-3.5 – Render Drip Line Trim – 3m x 3.5mm build
Use on window heads and soffits to aid in stopping water from tracking back onto the window frame
Set the trim like a normal external angle, then pull out the tear off strip to keep the cavity clean


42-RSEXP-3.5 – Render Sealant Expansion Joint – 3m x 3.5mm build
Use where an expansion joint is required, render over the trim, then tear out the Orange strip to apply the sealant, it can also be snapped at the rear of the trim for complete separation.
A foam backing rod should be put in place before applying the sealant.


42-RSB-3.5 – Render Stop Bead – 3m x 3.5mm build
Use where render has to finish against a different substrate, e.g. Brickwork, Blockwork, Timber, etc.
Use against window / door frames to create a neat finish to the window / door reveal.
Use above or below a Termite barrier to give a neat finish and leave Termite barrier exposed.
Use for a neat finish at the bottom of a wall.