NEW Oak Collection Doors from Corinthian

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The Blonde Oak Collection

Gaining in popularity, both locally and internationally, American White Oak veneer provides a soft palette adaptable to a range of architectural and interior styles. 

The Blonde Oak Collection will complement the use of American White Oak veneer found in other building materials such as flooring and joinery.  The extended range of eleven door designs will create curb appeal, and ultimately add value to any home. 

The Blonde Oak Collection offers design versatility. When you start with a darker veneer (ie. Merbau/Meranti) your choice of finishes are limited and from its raw state the veneer will only become darker. 

The light American White Oak timber veneer acts like a blank canvas when it comes to finishing, opening up a world of design possibilities. 

Crafted from sustainable timber, the Blonde Oak Collection is available in a wide range of sizes, including wide stile pivot doors and complimentary American White Oak veneer frames.

Standard glazing options will include clear and translucent glass. The broader range of glazing options will be available on a make to order basis.

Corinthian Blonde Oak Collection

Although the Blonde Oak Collection will replace the current Windsor Entrance Door range (a range which has been in Corinthian’s portfolio for some time now and has become quite dated in design), some of the most popular designs from the Windsor range will be modernised as part of this new product release.

The Moda White Oak Collection

This range is new and will complement the Blonde Oak entrance range and use of lighter timbers throughout homes. 

Similar to the Moda Primed range, this collection follows the same timeless aesthetic principles epitomised by the Shaker school of design. The lines in the panels are clean and understated and your choice of solid infill, clear or translucent glass is available across the full range of 24 designs.

There’s also a full mirror option, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Key Feature & Benefits (both ranges):

  • Design & colour versatility
  • Solid construction (acoustic and thermal benefits)
  • Crafted from sustainable timber
  • Wide range of designs and sizes
  • Accessible and affordable
  • Popular glazing options available
  • Compatible with existing Corinthian frame configurations (Entrance, Enviroseal & Pivot frames also available in American White Oak).

Available at NHS by special order.