NEW! Festool CTL SYS SUSTAINER Dust Extractor & DUO Work Light

NHS Festool Dust Extractor & Worklight
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Clean has never been so small

The new CTL SYS SYSTAINER dust extractor from Festool combines high functionality with high performance and simple operation. It is compact, lightweight and quiet, and is compatible with the SYSTAINER system. It is easy to transport with a carry handle or strap. It provides maximum mobility and flexibility but also delivers the highest possible standards of cleanliness with class L dust. With its impressive suction power and Festool-standard extractor-tool connection, the CTL SYS is ideal for fast, mobile use during smaller fitting and servicing tasks. All services included in the “Service all-inclusive” package also apply for this new CTL SYS dust extractor for further information, please see


The new Festool SYSLITE DUO working light

Light plays an essential part in the quality of your work. However, many companies use halogen lights that are usually low-cost, not very robust and do not illuminate the workplace properly. Festool has identified this requirement and uses modern LED technology in its new SYSLITE DUO working light.

Compared with conventional LED lights, the working light features an angled LED configuration for all-round light in a 180° scattering angle. The working light combines an illuminating power of 8000 lumen. At 5000 Kelvin, the light colour of the SYSLITE DUO replicates natural daylight and provides optimal illumination of space on construction sites: Two factors which have a positive effect both for the human body and the results of your work. TPE impact protection and a polycarbonate clear cover prevent damage being caused by falls, dust and dirt. Large cooling elements eliminate the hazard of fire or burning on the contact surfaces of the light. Transporting the light is made easy by a robust one-hand grip and integrated cord holder, as well as the option of using a systainer.