Monthly maintenance of your Paslode tools

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Regular Maintenance Ensures your Paslode Nail Gun Fires First Time, Every Time

The Paslode FrameMaster and TrimMaster are some of the most reliable nail guns on the market. But even the best equipment needs to be maintained to ensure it works first time, every time. Follow these tips to ensure that you get the most out of your nail gun.

Safety First!

Before carrying out any maintenance on your tools, make sure to remove all fasteners, fuel cell and battery, and wear the proper eye protection.

Restrict maintenance to the cylinder and nose of the tool. For other issues, consult an authorised service agent.

Get the right supplies

Monthly Maintenance

Tighten all screws and bolts in your nailer each month.

Clean the Cylinder

For a hands-on demonstration, visit where you will find a series of step by step cleaning and maintenance videos.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide to Tool Cleaning.

  • Loosen the 2 nose screws (FrameMaster)
  • Undo the 4 cap screws at the back of the tool
  • Take out the air filter and clean with Paslode Degreaser
  • Pull off the air cap and separate the cylinder housing from the tool
    • Be careful not to damage the fan blades
  • Clean the fan and cylinder head with Paslode Degreaser
  • Lubricate the cylinder head with Paslode Impulse Lubricating Oil and work it into the piston rings
    • The split in the 2 rings need to be 180o from each other
  • Push the piston all the way forward using the handle of a screwdriver, exposing the drive pin.
  • Clean the cylinder and combustion chamber with Paslode Degreaser
  • Clean out any carbon build up with a rag, and then lubricate the walls with a film of Paslode Impulse Lubricating Oil around the cylinder wall
  • Push the drive pin back and forth to distribute the lubricant
  • Place 4 drops of lubricant around the combustion chamber rings
  • Ensure the piston is returned to the back, rest position, and then reassemble the tool.
    • Tighten the nose screws before you tighten the back cap screws

To keep your tool performing at optimum levels for many years, it is recommended that you clean the cylinder every 10,000 nails.