Modwood Composite Decking

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Composite decking options have become increasingly popular as an alternative to natural timbers which can be higher maintenance than some other options. NHS carries a number of composite deckings. Find out all about one of those options, ModWood Composite Decking below…

Solid Wood Plastic Composites (WPCs) v Capped Composites

Modwood is an Australian made Solid Wood Plastic Composite made predominantly from virgin Radiata pine off- cuts (which are a by-product of the sawmilling process), recycled HDPE (milk bottles), and binding agents. The result is a high-performing, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing decking board


ModWood’s composite decking comes in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, giving you the ability to create residential or commercial projects that combine function and style.

ModWood is versatile, easy to install, and looks great in any setting. Whether you are using it for pool decking, patio decking, or for a large entertaining platform, it will add definite sophistication which is long- wearing, safe and eco-friendly. And because it is splinter-free, it is also safe for use with children. Our boards’ durability and resistance to the toughest Australian weather conditions make them a great, low- maintenance alternative to conventional timber – and one which can save you significant time and money over time.

 ModWood wide-boards are manufactured to R11, AS 4586:2013

High performance

ModWood products have been designed not to warp, crack or splinter under normal conditions, and require no sanding, sealing or painting for long term durability. Manufactured and formulated in Australia for Australia’s harsh conditions, ModWood products have a high degree of UV stability and are highly resistant to weather, moisture and termites.

ModWood decking has very similar non slip ratings to painted or coated timber decking products. In commercial situations our 137 mm profiles have been manufactured to R11 anti-slip rating with a deep embossed pattern on both faces. The 88 mm decking board is manufactured to R10 anti-slip rating on both faces.

Backed by ModWood’s 10 year limited residential warranty, you can expect your deck to withstand the wear and tear of busy lives.

Low Maintenance

ModWood requires little of the maintenance time and costs compared to conventional timber decks. However, regular cleaning of your deck will assist in maintaining its great look. Deck Protect™ Composite Clean makes cleaning ModWood easy without being harsh on ModWood or surrounding materials. ModWood should be cleaned promptly when foreign substances are inadvertently spilt on the deck. Deck Protect™ Seal can be applied to ModWood to maintain its colour and if it is at risk of being stained or marked i.e. beside bbq. Gaps between the boards should also be cleared of any debris.

Please note, the ‘smooth/darker’ finish of ModWood can lend itself to scuffing and scratching more easily when new than the ‘brushed/lighter’ finish. However, after weathering the marks will fade.

In exposed areas either side of the board can be faced up. The brushed/lighter coloured surface must face up in sheltered applications. i.e. under a roofline or a protected area.

Alternatively, marks will become less noticeable by lightly rubbing them with a natural decking oil using a clean rag. Refer to our website under Care and Maintenance for more detail.

The real costs of maintaining a deck

Each time you perform maintenance (2 coats) on your timber deck it is likely you will average:

  • Materials for cleaning/oiling/staining your deck = approx $5/sqm
  • Associated labour (your precious time) = approx 0.25 hrs/sqm

Therefore a 50 square metre timber deck, maintained twice per year will likely cost approx $500 and 24 hours of your precious time every year (that’s three whole working days!).

Each time you perform maintenance on your ModWood deck it is likely you will average:

  • Materials for cleaning = approx $0.50/sqm
  • Associated labour (your precious time) = approx 0.025 hrs/sqm

Therefore, a 50 square metre ModWood deck, maintained twice per year will likely cost approx $50 and 2.4 hours of your precious time every year.

Recycling Australia’s waste

90% approx. of materials used are either recycled or reclaimed.

Each lineal metre of ModWood decking (137 x 23 mm board) contains approximately 37 recycled plastic milk bottles and almost two kilograms of reclaimed pine waste. The wood fibre used in the manufacturing process originates from AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) certified plantation grown, sustainably managed pine.

ModWood Natural Grain Collection

The Natural Grain Collection is inspired by the colours and grains found in natural timbers, and was created in response to consumer feedback. The colours include Black Bean (brown/black), Jarrah (red) Silver Gum (silver/grey) and Sahara (burnt orange). A black pigment is intermittently dispersed throughout the board in Black Bean, Jarrah and Silver Gum only.

Weathering and surface temperature characteristics

ModWood does undergo some weathering when exposed to the elements. Whilst undergoing the weathering process the wood fibres will change to a silver grey colour. This adjusts the overall depth of colour of the board by lightening the colour. This is more noticeable on the smooth face and will primarily happen during the first couple of months of installation. The ‘brushed’ finish colour will change but not as much as the smooth surface, however, the imprint of the embossed lines will also become less pronounced.

Tests have shown that ModWood has a similar surface temperature to timber of similar colours and finishes. Because of this, you should be aware that darker colours such as Black Bean and Jarrah can retain the temperature and feel quite hot under-foot on a warm sunny day (similar to a dark, painted timber board).

Flame Shield®

Until now, the options available for decking boards suited to bushfire prone areas rated at BAL-40 have been very limited. Flame Shield® is specially formulated ModWood with a fire retardant additive included in its manufacturing process. However, this has all changed. Flame Shield is offered in the 137 x 23mm profile only. Flame Shield® gives you a traditional decking look and feel with a BAL-40 rating. Flame Shield can be used in BAL-12.5, 19, 29 and BAL-40 rated zones.


ModWood is child friendly as it does not splinter. This makes it ideal decking for use around pool or spa areas.

Whilst ModWood is unaffected by salt water and it is ideal in a marine environment – suitable for docks and pontoons, it is not designed to be immersed in water.


Fixing ModWood Natural Grain Collection

It is essential to obtain the relevant current copy of “ModWood Fixing Instructions” before installing ModWood products.

ModWood can be fixed using conventional fasteners – refer to for details. KlevaKlip is the preferred method of concealed fixing of ModWood.

It is critical that the correct model of KlevaKlip is used for the ModWood product that you select. The Natural Grain Collection of boards have a groove on the edge.

CLICK HERE to check out more information about KlevaKlip and ModWood.

Available in:

  • 88 x 23 x 5400mm
  • 137 x 23 x 5400mm
  • FlameShield: 137 x 23 x 5400mm