LVLE12 Engineered Wall Framing

Approx read time: 1 minute

We all love straight frames, right? Bet you also love to save time and reduce risk?

Have you ever needed a straight wall greater than 2700mm in a client project?

Want to create frames that are going to stay straight, making direct fixing plasterboard and cladding a lot easier?

Well, we have a solution for you!

MT-LVL E12 Engineered Wall Framing from Myers Timbers

We have now introduced a H2 framing LVL as a stock item at all 3 stores.

  • Perfect for high walls where frame straightness is essential.
  • Engineered for predictable performance
  • 6m lengths
  • Reduce the risk and money of labour time spent fixing walls that have curved, before fixing cladding and plasterboard.
  • It’s used in the same way you would use MGP12
  • Can be gun nailed and notched out the same way you would work with H2 Pine Framing

Please note, this product cannot be used in truss applications.

Stocked in 90 x 45 and 90 x 35 in 6 metre lengths at all NHS stores and online.