Red Alert Shortage & Alternatives

Approx read time: 2 minutes

Update: November 2020

With the ongoing shortage of Red Alert LVL, all NHS stores are now stocking an alternative called e-frame Floor LVL in 100 x 45 and 100 x 63.

SmartFrame LVL15 in 90x42mm and 90x58mm will no longer be stocked but is still available by special order.

The latest RedAlert alternative, the e-frame, is now stocked in 4.8m, 6m and 7.2m length.

We hope that normal RedAlert stocks will return to normal soon. Please check back onto this post for the latest updates on this issue.

Update: September 2020

Tilling Timber have advised that due to COVID-19 and other factors, they are experiencing some temporary shortages in LVL15 products, mainly affecting these sizes: 90×42, 200×42, 240×42 and 300x42mm.

You may also recall our earlier communication around Tilling’s Red Alert supply shortage, which is continuing. An alternative for Red Alert is the 90x42mm (which itself is now also in short supply) and 90x58mm LVL15 product, however a redesign is necessary as spans differ. We have also sourced another Red Alert alternative in 100mm, e-frame (floor) in 100x45mm & 100x63mm, which should be in-store within a week. With the e-frame (floor) no redesign is necessary.

NHS will also endeavour to minimise the impact of the LVL15 shortage on our customers.  As part of this you may notice some LVL13 appearing in NHS store racks and being delivered as an alternative to the Smartframe LVL15.  LVL13 or LVL15 will be clearly identified on each length.  On site if you are using a mix of LVL13 and LVL15 product, you should work to the lesser span of LVL13.

Tilling are advising that both their supply issues should be resolved in 4 – 5 weeks.

What are the main points of difference between LVL13 & Smart LVL15?

LVL15 has a higher strength rating than LVL13, therefore you will need to be proactive if you have an engineered LVL15 specified project coming up within the next 4-5 weeks.

Get in contact with the engineer on the project to highlight the current supply issue around LVL15 and question whether LVL13 can be used as an alternative

Previous floor systems quoted by Tilling’s can be re-engineered if stock is impacted, as necessary. Please speak to one of the team at NHS so we can revise your current LVL15 quote.

New floor systems being sent to Tilling Timber required before 4-5 weeks, can be sent as normal to be re-designed

Visual differences include:

  • LVL15 is 42mm wide whilst LVL13 is 45mm
  • LVL15 is generally clear whilst LVL13 is yellow.
  • LVL Grades will always be clearly stamped on the side of the timber.

For simple spans download the designIT app on your smartphone to check suitability.