l2G Mini Crossliner Green Beam

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Imex International are now one of Australia’ s most recognised laser and measuring equipment suppliers. The Imex brand is synonymous with quality and in the unique green colour, this equipment is now in use by professional construction tradesman in every corner of the country. 

Imex is known globally as one of the industries innovators and utilises the best technology to create products that are suited to the harsh conditions and designed to give years of excellent service. 

Imex L2G Mini Laser. 

Imex has released a new mini green beam line laser the L2G crossliner. 

This is a great little laser for the handyman or serious DIYer and has super bright green horizontal and vertical lines and comes with a standard elevating tripod. 

The whole unit comes with a canvas bag that fits the laser and the tripod and has a working range of 20m. 

Imex L2G Mini Crossliner

  • Green beam
  • 1 horizontal, 1 vertical
  • Self levelling
  • 20m range
  • Tripod- 280-660mm standard
  • 3mm @10m accuracy
  • Canvas bag
  • 1 yr warranty