Installation Tips for composite timber decking

Approx read time: 2 minutes

We are seeing a lot of changes in the different alternatives to using natural timber for a number of different building applications like cladding and decking, due to a number of factors, and maintenance being a key one.

Composite decking is one of the most popular timber alternatives for decking. It may be more outlay in cost in the beginning, but for those looking for a lower maintenance alternative to save time, composite decking can be a great option!

So you can get the most out of your composite decking, we’ve put together some handy hints for storing and handling your Composite decking.

Composite materials are pre-finished

Composite decking is generally pre-finished and supplied in long length pieces.

Proper care must be taken when handling and installing these products as opposed to an unfinished decking product which requires further processes after installation.

Pre-install care

From transportation to site, through to laying the final board, it should always be a priority to ensure composite decking boards are protected from anything that could impact the finish of the board.

Some things to consider are:

  • When transporting, ensure the face that will be showing on the finished deck isn’t face down during transport
  • When storing composite decking on site always store on a flat area off the ground and protect from any building site debris or harmful objects.
  • Store in a location away from equipment being used during construction process.
  • Always leave any protective wraps from the manufacturer/distributor in place during storage
  • Always follow manufacturer’s instructions

Benefits on site

The main benefits for installers of composite materials are:

  • Not as susceptible to moisture uptake prior to install or coating as a dry timber product is.
  • Low skill level required to install, especially when installed with concealed fixing systems.
  • Boards aren’t prone to warping or cupping as timber can be, if left uncovered prior to install.
  • Long set-lengths continuously available

Some composite decking (such as Modwood Flame Shield®, which is suitable up to and including BAL-40), are suitable for use in areas that require special consideration due to a BAL rating requirement.

NHS stocks a composite decking timber from ModWood. TimberTech and Flame Shield by special order.

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