Imex new rotating laser levels

Imex has released a whole new range of rotating lasers, which have been specified by their construction experts and engineered to include numerous features for increased efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

The new range is a quantum leap in laser level innovation, with multiple ground breaking features that have been combined and included in a range of next generation laser levels.

These features include:-

  • 9 Ah lithium- ion battery with over 40 hour run time
  • USB charging port, fast charge
  • Digital Detectors in mm reading increments on all models
  • High wind sensitivity override on some models

As a combination these features make for greater productivity and efficiency and the standard German made digital detectors are setting the benchmark for accuracy out on the field. With up to 90mm pick-up band width and down to 0.5mm settings these are the most robust and accurate detectors available.

The Imex rotating laser level range comprises of 5 models ranging from a one-button easy use laser, a green beam model for a interior/ exterior package and a full auto dial-in dual grade slope laser for civil contractors.

Every laser includes a Calibration Certificate and a 5 year Warranty, IP66 water resistant/ shockproof casing and the battery in the handle for easy removal whilst the laser is on the tripod.

Battery charging can be done with the battery in the unit or whilst working or externally, and a vehicle charging plug is standard.

Available now online or in-store!