Seminar – Are you using NCC compliant fasteners for your jobs?

Approx read time: 1 minute

Changes to post-installed and cast-in fastenings designed for use in concrete

It’s the law to comply

Australia has now introduced two very major changes on how post-installed fasteners (fixings) are designed and specified into concrete in buildings from 2019. Specifiers, suppliers, users, design engineers and installers need to be urgently aware of these new requirements and how they will directly affect them.

Why did these changes happen?

Unfortunately, there have been numerous failures of fasteners in Australia and overseas, because of improper design, selection, and installation. New regulations have been implemented to improve the industry and prevent potentially catastrophic failures occurring in the future. 

These changes will have a dramatic impact on the selection of post-installed fasteners, as these new regulations are mandatory, and a legal requirement for any future building work where post-installed fasteners are used! 

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