Hyne Timber build the largest Glulam plant in Australia

Approx read time: 3 minutes

Hyne Timber are currently building the largest Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam) plant in Australia. Work is well underway, and the plant will be up and running at the end of this year.

The new plant will incorporate cutting edge technology with generations of timber experience – the perfect combination to create a high quality product that’s suited to the needs of Australian builders.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Glulam, it’s a structural product that is created by finger-jointing high quality timber in to full length laminates. The timber is coated with adhesives and set with a high pressure press to intensify their natural strength and create a lasting connection.

Not only is Glulam beautiful, it is also a versatile, and cost effective alternative to steel as it is easy to use and requires one less trade on site. With superior thermal, acoustic and load-bearing properties, it’s the ideal material for a wide range of projects and suitable for use in residential, commercial and large scale industrial building projects.

One output of the new plant are the  Hyne’s glulam beams – GL17C, GL18C and GL21C.

  • Beam 17 is the ideal alternative to steel and actually the strongest pine glue laminated beam available.
  • Beam 18 is best suited to stylish internal applications due to its aesthetic values. This Victorian Ash product is widely appealing and perfect for areas where the timber will be exposed as a feature
  • Beam 21 is the “Rolls Royce” of Glulam. This sought-after product is highly durable, has large spans and can be used both externally and as feature beams. Made from Queensland hardwood, this beautiful product is available in a rich, dark colour.

As a solid wood alternative, this terrific product is long, straight, stable and cost efficient. Available in a structural and select grade, they are great for lintels, bearers, rafters, columns, blades, floor and deck joists, and roof beams.  And GL17 is available in both H2 and H3 options as well!

And we almost forgot to mention that it’s also sustainably grown!

So, what does this mean for you?

The new plant will be producing beams faster. So with shorter lead times for materials, your projects will have less time interruptions.

Additionally, the local Hyne branch does stock some common sizes with a lead time of couple of days.

We have some sample boxes at the 3 NHS stores to check out. The GLT sample kits include the following product samples:

  • Uncoated LGL (Plantation Pine)
  • Clear and stain coated Beam 17 (Plantation Pine)
  • Clear and stain coated Beam 18 (Victorian Ash)
  • Clear and stain coated Beam 21 (Spotted Gum)

For more information about Hyne’s products, please visit www.hyne.com.au or to keep updated on the progress of their Glulam plant, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram .