Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban

Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban available from NHS Newcastle
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A complete cladding system

Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban Refined Architectural Cladding combines the ancient Japanese craft of fire treatment with a precision milled, architectonic cladding profile. It is a complete solution for any exterior wall, offering not just the cladding but a selection of customised trims to ensure a streamline execution and watertight result.

Hurford’s uses a modernised Shou Sugi Ban technique (also known as Yakisugi), the process evenly chars the face of the board before it is cooled and finished to Hurford’s ‘Straight Charred’ effect. All Shou Sugi Ban Refined Architectural Cladding is pre-oiled with Cutek CD50 Double Black Ash.

The term Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板 simply translates to ‘burnt cedar board’.

Sourced from Hurford’s Queensland Australia facility, the timber species selected for this process, Callitris Glaucophylla, is highly durable and a naturally termite resistant species. Applying the fire treatment forces an additional barrier of protection against insect attack and decay, furthermore increasing the species overall durability. Durable Australian Hardwoods and BAL-29 Australian Hardwoods are also available to select.

Coulee Profile Design

Shou Sugi Ban Coulee Profile Design

Features include:

  • Relief grooves which are designed to take the stress out of the cladding, reducing the effect of warping and cupping.
  • Screw location line indicates exactly where to fix the cladding board, allowing the next row to slide over the existing board and create a secret fix finish.
  • Allowances have been made for expansion gaps, but must be implemented using a 6mm spacer to achieve a uniformed shadow line.
  • *View the installation guide for more details.

End Matching System

Utilising a specially developed end match system for external use, Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban endmatch profile has a micro bevel edge designed to encourage water to drain away from the join. Applying a bead of sealant to the join at installation stage eliminates moisture transfer and ensures a watertight connection.

End matching the product means the boards can be fixed mid stud, eliminating the need to dock and create volumes of waste, saving up to 10% of the product that previously would have been thrown away. Not only does this save costs, it’s a better for our environment with less resource being used.

Moisture Barrier System

All trims in the Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban Cladding range feature a factory fitted seal, the foam gaskets compress and expand with timber movement, an extra safeguard against the Australian storm season. Factory fitted gaskets eliminate the on-site sealing process, reducing labour costs. The Moisture Barrier System does not eliminate the need for good building practice and meeting the Building Code of Australia

  • Profile: Coulee
  • Cover Width: 70mm & 120mm
  • Thickness: 21mm
  • Length: Random
  • Moisture Content: AS1080.1
  • Species: Callitris glaucophylla (softwood), Durable Australian Hardwoods and BAL-29 Australian Hardwoods are also available
  • Fixing: Concealed fixing
  • Joining: End matched, micro bevel
  • Finish: Straight Charred
  • Trims: External Corner, Internal Corner, & End stop: Powder coated aluminium
  • Product Sampling: 200mm long pieces available on request

Shou Sugi Ban Charred Timber Cladding is available by special order today from NHS.